Why should start-ups from all over Europe apply to VUNK Autumn Programme in Estonia?

This spring a Portuguese start-up Helppier applied to VUNK collaboration programme. In short Helppier is a walkthrough service to create interactive tutorials and tooltips in seconds. Here is their Customer Happiness Manager's Ricardo Pereira's take on co-operation with VUNK & Telia.

You are literally 4200 kilometers away from Estonia & Tallinn - how did you find VUNK at the first place?

I'm Customer Happiness Manager from Helppier.com we are from Portugal, I meet Cristobal (CEO of Startup Wise Guys) in Porto - Portugal where he told me about Telia and about Vunk Collaboration Programme. Of course for a startup with limited resources you always ask if this is worth the struggle - our thought was "why not?" So in one week we gave a good response to change, willingness to travel and landing in Tallinn.

After we had been working for one week together with Telia stakeholders we closed the opportunity to make two paid pilots.

Based on your own experience - what are the most important takeaways when collaborating with corporates?

A few secrets that I must share with all startups. First, do your homework because when you establish contact with the stakeholders directly you can show the real value for the other party. 

Second, try to get in touch with the people & stakeholders inside the company who are directly related with the problem that your are trying to solve. Understanding these pain points determine if you get proposal for collaboration. VUNK is an perfect opportunity to get access to decision-makers.

Third, use the influenced mediator (Startup Wise Guys) to figure out everything possible about the company you'd be interested to co-operate: how can you bring value for the company and vice-versa; what is the potential of doing business together? 

Last but not least, ask from the stakeholders why they like your product. Thereafter you are ready to make the killer pitch that will get you the contract.

VUNK Open Call for Collaboration Autumn Edition

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