Meet VunkAlumni16 team: MovePrep

When asked from MovePrep why are you better then competitors there is an immediate answer, the UX will be amazing. So the attitudes are perfect and they already made their first deal during the hackathon. One of the Co-Founders Markus Hääl answered our questions.

What entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

Peter Thiel, Ben Horowitz, Marc Andreessen, Eric Ries, Brian Balfour

 – all entrepreneurs who have a focus to teach and care passionately about passing forward their knowledge and experience.  

R. Branson: 

Gone through the good and the bad, and shows what you can do with image. Enjoys life.

E. Musk:

Don’t want to be him, but the world needs him. Person who doesn’t talk about Wormholes or Darkmatter drives as fiction. Drives to make the impossible possible and his goal is for the betterment of mankind.

L. Page:

When you make a company whose name everybody uses as a noun, you know you have done something right.

Tell about a bit about your team dynamics.

Every person has a natural place in the team. This ensures that the workflow is fluent. No one in the team works as a robot, everybody has an opinion and they’re not afraid of voicing it. At the same time, everybody has shown their willingness to change their opinion when a well constructed and backed counter-argument is presented. This has made way for some good constructive discussions advancing the idea of MovePrep.

Your key learning so far doing your startup:

Team is everything in the beginning to make things work and work fast. The smaller the better. You always need to have a someone with industry know-how in the team.

What does success look like for your startup?

Minimised human interaction by the MovePrep team in creating the market. The marketplace has been made and matching Expat and Landlord takes place automatically.

The company is viewed as the default place to look for apartments.

In the cities where we operate, any expat who moves to the country will immediately have a great place to live on their budget.

Neither side – the expat or the homeowner – will ever have to feel the pains of renting or renting out an apartment.

The cool answer would be that instead of Googling “how to find an apartment in city x” or “how to rent out an apartment in city x” people simply type in MovePrep.

Moveprep. Prepare your move abroad with fast accommodation.

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