VUNK TOP 3 teams in 2016

From the Hackathon to Team Validation to our Accelerator three teams stood out the strongest. So this year's TOP 3 are: ByteSight, CADirect and HypeSilo! Big cheer goes out also to the five teams that were with us in the Team Validation: MovePrep, Nimi, Skynda, TipOff, HolmeCare - keep up the work and see you soon!

So what were the criteria to pick the TOP? First and foremost we looked at the team - are they willing to go the extra mile and validate their business. Secondly, this 4-weeks period is the best opportunity to set your business focus and learn how to scale it. And thirdly, would it make sense for the startup and Telia to work together.

So now we are in the beginning of our third week of the accelerator and on November 16th you'll have a chance to see the teams and witness progress yourself coming to our VUNK DemoDay > sign up  here.

ByteSight -  helps brands and companies to add an additional layer of interaction and information on top of the existing world. They do this by implementing mixed- and virtual reality in marketing campaigns and retail stores.

CADirect -  delivers a platform for engineers to find relevant component specifications immediately within CAD software and to effectively communicate with suppliers and resellers.

HypeSilo -  an AI-driven platform for all your social media conversations. They bring together feeds from Facebook, Twitter Instagram, VK, and you name it. They analyze your feeds to prioritize your tickets based on topic and sentiment. If necessary, they automatically respond to social media posts, nipping social media storms at the bud. 

GO #VunkAlumni16!

Why should start-ups from all over Europe apply to VUNK Autumn Programme in Estonia?

This spring a Portuguese start-up Helppier applied to VUNK collaboration programme. In short Helppier is a walkthrough service to create interactive tutorials and tooltips in seconds. Here is their Customer Happiness Manager's Ricardo Pereira's take on co-operation with VUNK & Telia.

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VUNK Open Call for Collaboration Autumn Edition

Being a Telia Estonia startup lab, Vunk has helped companies partner with Telia to improve their offering and get access to the market. Vunk ran an accelerator for 2 years and pivoted to Collaboration framework this Spring.

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State of the Art e-Commerce

e-Commerce to us is also anything and everything transactional and dynamic – it is about enabling our customers to complete purchases, subscriptions, manage their services and get help to their questions in our digital channels just as they do in our stores – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Tackling SmartCities and Digitalization

IoT for Telia has become the cornerstone for innovation. It is now time transform it into a more concrete framework, where there are more opportunities for partnerships. At VUNK, we look for companies offering state-of-the-art IoT services, are intelligently tackling SmartCity problems and offering value to their SME and B2B clients.
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