Idea Garage – lots to explore

On Thursday we hosted this seasons’ first Idea Garage & it was full of inspiring pitches and many who were there to scout. 

We heard 11 pitches + Q&A from mentors but also from listeners, so you could see people willing to think together and help each other out!

Thank you to everyone who stood up and communicated their idea! Jevgeni, Valter, Konstantin, Kristjan, Daniel, Welix, Eduard, Heikki, Karl, Mario, George – you were great.

About the ideas

Some of them were really in an idea phase but some already were thinking of MVP, beta and live. Some had stronger connections to Telia, IoT, Digitalization and M-commerce, some ideas lacked the connection but still showed strong signs to succeed.

Meanwhile during summertime, before our next Idea Garage, all Co-Founders and Founders, please proceed with talking to your potential clients, co-founders, mentors and basically everybody who would be useful for you. All this to understand the problems they face, need for a new & better solution and weather they would be willing to pay for it.

As Jüri Kaljundi mentioned at the event conduct the interviews following these simple principles:

  • Have people tell stories
  • Don’t offer answers
  • Make them prioritize
  • As the question Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
  • Shut the fuck up – listen!   

And in addition Google and do more research to see what others in that field have already done and make your idea even better…about 10xbetter :)! 

This is all to become a stronger competitor and contestant for entering the VUNK main program in September.

Next Idea Garage in Tallinn will take place on August 24th and we'll meet you in Tartu on August 31. VUNK Garage48 Hackathon is on 9 -11.09, so sign up and see you soon! More info on our program site. 

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State of the Art e-Commerce

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Tackling SmartCities and Digitalization

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