Best Vunk Idea Garage so far!

On Wednesday evening we gathered at Testlio HQ to kick off this season's second Idea Garage. We actually had to wait a bit because people just kept on pouring in – success!
Firstly, big thanks to Testlio and its cool team for letting us use their venue (which is awesome btw) & Maret Kruve for the very practical boost talk on "Don't trust your designer". She has also kindly shared her slides. Honestly, they had lots of tips on how to hack your product, so read carefully and next time you brainstorm use her 3-12-3 game (slide 14).

Summing up pitches

Based on our experience, and our mentors and partners (SWG & Garage48) agree, the quality of pitches and IDEAS has definitely gone up a lot. We are really pleased to see that the startup mentality is taking over how we think, talk and analyse business and problems. Cheers to all the pitchers, we hope you found confidence to do it again and also stand up on our big stage at the VUNK Garage48 Hackathon. Furthermore, everyone who came there to team up, got a first impression of what the topics/ideas are and we already heard that some found teams for themselves! Still, many are looking for developers, designers, marketers etc., so go through the ideas and if something clicks, let us know (, so we could make an intro!

The pitches? Here they are! (In very brief summaries – next time come and hear them yourself!)


problem: CAD designers & engineers don't know the pricing of CAD components nor full design, it's time for consumers to get the prices from suppliers.

solution: Linking 3D Modelling Software with Suppliers & Resellers - Component specifications integrated directly into your CAD software. Startup called Caddirct.


problems: 1) Difficult to stay in touch with other backpackers (83% meet new people 2) Booking & travel agencies have too high fees (25%).

solution: Social media platform for backpackers. MVP is first with chat. Would include geolocation based mesh-networking device in the future.


problem: IOT security today is very vulnerable.

solution: IOT secured communication between two Arduino boards using open-source OS.


problem: Bad and too long customer experience when buying a pre-used car.

solution: A one-stop-service that takes care of buying (& selling) your car for you & delivers it to your front door in days (incl. leasing).


problem: Visiting various domain addresses is insecure.

solution: Certificate that domain providers can deploy to the site users.


problem: There is insufficient flood warning for people living in cities.

solution: Floud is a smart IOT device + flood warning application that works in real time using the GSM network.


problem: 15,000 people in Estonia have stand-alone security alarms at homes. If the alarm goes off then you need to check if everything is OK – sending a security patrol on site is a costly option.

solution: Application where service provides are willing to do the on-site check a lot cheaper.


problem: It is difficult to optimise the travel route when multiple people travel to one location.

solution: Intelligent navigation app for two people to navigate to the same location or different locations.


problem: Most people don't know where to find social care assistants so they turn to agencies who take too much money for their service.

solution: Social care app - matches people looking for social care with care assistants.


problem: It's a hassle to get a smoothie when you are busy (in the office, school etc.).

solution: Automated smoothie machines with mobile app for preordering.


problem: Digital text highlighting is way too difficult so people are still printing out papers and physically highlighting stuff.

solution: One-click highlighting and saving to your archive. Next up > build text to speech feature and use machine learning to create best summaries of the full text.

So that was that. You can also find a summary of the previous event in our blog. Hope you got inspired!

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